Saturday, May 28, 2005

Short and Sweet

Well... in spite of my trying, I have yet to be able to convince my fellow bloggers (listed to the right on the main page) to actually blog, despite my entreaties to do so. One of the reasons for their recalcitrance appears to be my own writing - my posts have been long, considered missives that had been fermenting in my head until a) I could stand it no longer and b) I could find 20 minutes where I could be away from family, work, and volunteering. Usually I'll be at a Caribou Coffee (far superior to Starbucks - if you need to know where any of them are in the Western Suburbs, just ask me, I visit them all) drinking my lunch, typing furiously on the infrared keypad that goes with my T5. Most likely I present a comical picture of a broad-shouldered guy wearing a kiddie tie, hunched over a tiny, tiny screen. In my line of work a handheld computer is far more useful than any laptop, and so I look ridiculous when I need to go beyond its essential functions; but hey, I'm old enough to look ridiculous no matter what I'm typing on.

In any case, I'm proclaiming for all: This blog doesn't have to be full of serious theses-length compositions. I'm going to prove that, right....... now!


At 2:35 AM, Anonymous VooDoo said...

Just A Quick Hello From VooDoo Blogger :-)


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